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A cure for the common lack of imagination.


Led by senior officials versed in the ways of visual verisimilitude, we engage in top secret design experimentation in tandem with human computer interface methodologies to organize, analyze and deliver design contentment. Do you need style? We got it. Want advocates for your users? We don't like designing on a whim, a pragmatic approach with the end user in mind works best, after all they are the ones that need to use your products - not us. The KISS Principle is alive and well in the world of SWAG.

Intrigued? Take a look of some of the nice stuff we've come up with over the eons, from crafting print collateral to complex user interfaces, SWAG takes on new projects with fervor, fundamental design principles and, yes, even some fun!

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1426 Cottage Street, Alameda, CA 94501


510.522.1976 jenbud